How To Price Your House To Sell: A Guide For Sellers

If you have a house to sell, there is no better way to price it than with a real estate agent. While prices reached their highest levels in 2018, the average home is still worth less than its peak in 2006, so pricing your house accurately will allow for more potential profits. Here are ways to get feedback from the real estate agent so you can price your house accurately without spending a fortune on an agent.

Method 1: Ask for an Opinion

If you’re buying your first home, finding an agent to help with the selection is a great start. Once you’ve met the agent and have had a good rapport with him or her, you can ask for an opinion. If your agent is directly recommending a home to buy, ask if he or she thinks it’s a good deal. If your agent is researching the market, ask for his or her opinion on the general pricing and trends in your area. offers a free consultation to homeowners who are interested in selling their property fast.

Method 2: Ask a Pro

Another way to get an agent’s opinion on price is to ask someone who knows the market better. Contact the National Association of Realtors and ask if they have any statistics on your area that you can use in discussing the value of your house. This can help so that you don’t end up overpricing your home and causing a bidding war, or selling it for half of what it’s worth.

Method 3: Ask a Friend

Another great way to get an unbiased opinion is by asking a friend. If you have an agent, or know someone who does, ask him or her to sit in on your conversation with the real estate agent. The agent will not only be able to give you advice based on his or her experience, but also advice that is completely impartial to his or her own house.

Method 4: Use a Website

If you don’t want to spend money on an agent, you can use websites like or Zillow to get a feel for the market in your area. If you are planning on selling your home to help pay for the move, this is an excellent place to start in determining the value of your home.