Non-exclusive real estate agency mandate

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If you are thinking of entrusting the sale of your home to a professional in the sector, you will surely be interested in further discussing the non-exclusive mandate with a real estate agency. The task entrusted to a professional in the sector, in fact, can be exclusive or not.

What does a non-exclusive mandate mean?

Choosing a non-exclusive agency mandate means having the opportunity to entrust the sale of the property to several agencies in the same period of time. The main advantage that results is easily understood. Being able to count on the support of several agencies, one can certainly rely on greater visibility : more showcases, more websites, more advertisements of various kinds

It must be said that, precisely by virtue of the fact that each agency finds itself operating in a competitive climate, not having exclusivity, it can freely decide whether or not to invest money (paid advertisements in sector magazines and other types of advertising , for example). Based on the Civil Code, it is also possible to provide for a reimbursement of expenses , but this must be expressly provided for on the assignment countersigned by the parties.

This is not a very widespread practice, but it can still be a way to take advantage of all the advertising channels that a professional can access, for example, without being bound.

After all, an agency that knows it can count, if nothing else, on the reimbursement of the advertising costs incurred, is certainly more inclined to make a little more effort to promote the sale.

We know how useful it can be, when you want to sell a house, to rely on professionals who work in the real estate sector. Very often, in fact, it is possible to better manage the whole bureaucratic process and also to speed up the times. At this point, it may certainly be advisable to try to make the most of all the potential, even at the cost of having to pay something. Of course, with an exclusive mandate the commitment on the part of the agency can be even greater, as we will see shortly.

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