How To Save Money On Ohio Electricity

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Power plants produce electricity that is sent to homes and businesses. It is an expensive process, and the cost to power plants increases as demand rises and fuel prices increase worldwide. Providers like AEP Ohio pass those costs along to their customers. Those customers can save money by shopping around for energy suppliers that offer competitive prices. The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio’s Apples to Apples tool makes it easy to compare rates and terms for residential and commercial energy contracts.

Energy Choice in Ohio gives consumers from homeowners to large manufacturers control over who supplies their energy services. The state’s deregulated electricity market allows for competition from energy providers who are not affiliated with the local electric distribution utility (EDU). These suppliers can offer lower columbus ohio electricity rates and more options than your current EDU, including fixed-rate plans that lock in a monthly rate for a six-month term. Ohio residents can also shop for energy suppliers through community aggregations, which combine communities to compete for low-cost electricity supply through competitive bids.

Using less electricity and switching to more efficient appliances are important ways to save energy. But there are more things that can be done to save even more energy, such as insulating home and business pipes, installing a water heater timer, and checking for air leaks. In addition, Ohio residents can take advantage of a number of programs and incentives offered by the state to help make their energy use more economical.

The state of Ohio is lucky enough to enjoy deregulated electricity and natural gas markets. Gone are the days of monopolies and high prices; Ohioans now have the freedom to choose their energy provider, contract terms, and renewable energy options. This is possible because of state legislation passed in 2001, which allowed for the opening up of Ohio’s energy markets to private companies and competitors.

Since that time, Ohio has saved millions of dollars and is on track to continue saving more than $3 billion per year. With the state’s economy continuing to outpace the national average, Ohioans can expect to continue to enjoy affordable energy prices in the future.

Ohio’s electricity is produced through a combination of nonrenewable and renewable resources. Nonrenewable resources such as coal and nuclear power are found naturally in the earth, but they take a long time to form and have limited availability. On the other hand, renewable resources such as wind, solar, and biomass are readily available in nature and can be replenished relatively quickly.

As an Ohioan, you can easily find the best ohio electric rates by comparing offers on the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio’s (PUCO) Apples to Apples tool. This website lets you enter your home address and a sample bill to see what other energy suppliers are offering. You can sort the results by price, rate type, renewable content (Ohioans have access to wind, nuclear, and hydroelectric power), term length, fees, and promotional offers. Once you find a plan that meets your needs, you can choose to enroll online or over the phone.