Because everyone (or almost everyone) wants to sell a house without an agency

Because everyone (or almost everyone) wants to sell a house without an agency

The art of getting by . A real mermaid that fascinates anyone.

Just take a walk to hear phrases like:

“I squandered a fortune on the electrician. I could have repaired everything on my own ”;

“Tens of euros to wash the car and maybe not even well? I do it alone in about an hour, in the way I say “;

“I asked for seven quotes for laying the tiles in the bathroom and what figures! We don’t talk about it, I’ll do it myself ”.

And so on.

We have all experienced it, the atavistic cult for do-it-yourself tickles vanity and self-esteem . Even in the real estate field, the temptation is to make do, trying to sell a house without an agency. Autonomy, direct control and front-line actions are the seductive traits of this choice

Obviously, this also means greater responsibility, to the point that the much-talked-about savings, under the test of facts, almost never receive confirmation. Statistically, self-selling homeowners  get less money than hiring the right real estate agent . It is not an opinion, the figures speak for themselves. Selling a good home means evaluating correctly, negotiating the best possible deal and setting up effective marketing: hard and difficult work.

Sell your Land

Why is there a strong propensity to do it yourself in the real estate sales landscape?

Common sense would suggest a completely different path: sales need, opinion of one or more experts, delegation of the process and expectation of a successful outcome point.

Is it better to sell a house with an agency or without?

When it comes time to put your home up for sale, one of the first assessments to make is whether you want to proceed privately or rely on the experience of a real estate agency.

As we know, today compared to the past, thanks to the numerous internet portals and the potential offered by the web that allow you to place free ads and reach a high number of people, it is easier for the owner to publish the ad to sell the house privately and in a autonomous. But beware, selling a house privately doesn’t just mean doing this.